Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off to London to see the Queen---Day 3

We went into London on the train on Monday. It was a two hour trip into London going 140 mph. The girls loved the train and didn't want to get off. We then took a bus tour around London so that we could see all of the sights.
The girls and I at the Tower of London.
A view of London from the top of the bus.
Tower of London--we took a tour of the Tower to see the crown jewels.

The girls with their loot.
Picture with the guard.

Waiting for the train.
Dad and the girls while were waiting for the train back to the Pococks.
Rape Seed fields---
The girls on top of the bus during our bus tour.
Clock Tower--Big Ben


Mommabelle said...

I can't see the pictures. Maybe it's just something with Blogger.

Kristen said...

Looks like y'all are having a great time. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Ray, Karen and Family said...

I've been enjoying your pictures! In response to your question, I think maybe people are finding our blog addresses from visiting blogs where it's listed (there are several in your family who list your address on their blog) and then they add your address to their blog. Is that what you mean? That's the only way I can think of for that to happen. Don't some of the Steinbrecher's live in Jacksonville? How did you find out it was on an address from someone in Jacksonville? Just wondering if you might know who it is.
Back to your pictures...looks like you all had a wonderful vacation! What a grand experience for the girls. They'll never forget it.

Mommabelle said...

I can see the pictures for day 1 and 2, but not day 3. Even if I right click and click show picture. Maybe it'll work in a few days!