Saturday, May 10, 2008



I am thinking of each of you and wish you all the happiness that the day can bring.

I recieved a card from Ellie that she had made at school and one of the things it said was: My mother is pretty....(Ellie)when she is happy. I feel that I need to smile a little more often. I was glad for the reminder to but a smile on my face.

Also, today in the car the girls were talking about our last beta fish. I had accidently dropped it in the sink and it died. Today Ellie says, "Mom it's ok because everybody makes mistakes." Another reminder that none of us are perfect and we need to forgive each other.

Ava---She is my independent one and Very determined. But this last week she has been really 'out of sorts'. She is afraid of everything. She thinks that I will leave her somewhere, she is scared of bugs, or the dark. Well, I found out that she had a dream recently that she was locked in the car. This is just a little reminder to show her some comfort and love.

Last year I gave my mother a saying that says: "My daughter is becoming a lot like me. Lucky girl!" That I feel is very true as I get older. I do see and hear my mother in me. I am thankful for what she put into me and did for me through the years. Many, Many sacrifices. Thanks a bunch for your love and support. LV, Shelley


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Farmer's Wife said...

Shelley, thanks for sharing your thoughts on your experiences.

Happy late-Mothers Day!