Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 7--Leek

This post is mainly of Mom and her family. We were back at the Pococks on Friday and we went to the town of Leek. Leek is the town my grandfather first came to in England during War War Two. We think that his infirmary would have stayed in tents out in the fields, just out of town. These are pictures of the old part of town. There is a lot of neat shops in Leek. Some really good antique shops!!! It was neat to see where he may have been and what he might have seen. We rode out of town to see the fields where they could have stayed. It looks a lot like the rest of the landscape. I was so glad that William remembered that D-Doug had been to Leek. William knew my grandfather and my grandfather had asked him once if he knew where the town of Leek was so when William moved to the area he remembered him asking him about Leek.

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