Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday Lunch

Brent and Johanna came over with the Judds for lunch on Sunday.

The wedding after THE Wedding...

Mr. and Mrs. Ball

Mr. and Mrs. Howard

Brad was able to fly down to his friends wedding last weekend. Jamie and Takara were married on the mountain where Jamie had asked her dad for permission to marry his daughter. Then they had a lighted tent reception dinner in the woods at her grandparents. The bride and groom made a heart shaped fire pitt and she made the cakes. Her mother played the harp and siblings and dad sang a song. Congrats!!! We wish many happy years together!


Ellie and Ava at their end of year piano recital.

Dave's Birthday

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We are here....

I just haven't taken the time to blog. We are enjoying the good weather and sitting by the pool! :) Good weather is something that I don't take for granted.

We went out to the the Howes two weekends ago to help Dave celebrate his birthday. We had a great time going up to Lake George to see bike week and do some shopping. We got in on Jackson's soccer game on Sat. morning. On Sunday we enjoyed a yummy birthday dinner for Dave. Thanks a bunch! We enjoyed our time there.

Tomorrow is Ellie's last day of school!!!! I am soooo.....ready. Last week I took her out of school early so that she could spend the afternoon at the pool. I/we are ready for our summer vacation. She was so surprised when I picked her up from school and she sure didn't complain.

Brad is leaving out early tomorrow morning (to Va) for his friend Jamie's wedding tomorrow night and is coming back Sat. morning to be back for his cousin Katie's wedding in the afternoon. Jamie and Katie's soon to be spouses are first cousins!!! Kind of crazy but I am glad he can go.

The girls have another piano recital on Saturday morning. We go to the recital and then to the wedding. Brad will miss the recital but should be home for the wedding. They are a little nervous because it is more formal than their last one in April. They will do just fine.

Well, that is what we have and are up to right now. I hope to post pictures soon. (after the weekend) Take care and with love from US!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Field Trip to Squam Lake

I went with Ellie on her school field trip to Sqam Lake. It is a science nature center with many interactive activities. The kids loved the trip and we had perfect weather for the trip. It is a really neat place to visit.

We are still here.....:)

We have been enjoying some nice weather!!!! A few happening have been....

***We were working in our yard one Sat. and we found the girls cleaning their play house. It was very much needed as they use stick, leaves, dirt and whatever else they can find to do some cooking

***pool days and cooking out :)

***a few rides on our motorcycle ...

***a cute picture of Ellie and the dogs