Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Blunder!!!!

I tell ya...just when you think you have yourself all together it all falls apart!!!

We had company for lunch yesterday and I had prepared most everything ahead so that I wouldn't have a lot to do when we got home from meeting. I had my pork roast in the oven and everything was almost done cooking so I went to take my roast out and discovered that my oven wasn't on!!!! I had turned both of my ovens on in the morning and before we left the house I was to turn the top oven off. Well, I must have turned the bottom oven off. I didn't know what to do at first and then decided to slice the roast and cook it on the grill. It came out really well. So not all was lost! :)

Side note....My little dog got out of the house to bark, growl, chase our neighbor's Doberman! I was all frantic and went running out to get her, so when I came back into the house I was all confused. was all Missy's fault!!


Mommabelle said...

yeah...everytime I start feeling good about having it falls apart! Urghhh!!!
Good for you for turning things around and it all came out right!

Farmer's Wife said...

Good thinking! I don't know if I would have thought too put it on the grill. I have forgotten to turn the oven on before but not with company coming. We just had to eat something else!

I blame a lot of what goes wrong on my kids. I feel like my mind is going in so many directions sometimes especially when we're all trying to get out the door to go somewhere. So I know how you feel!

Michal said...

This is too funny..I just recently did the same thing. We had the workers coming for Special Mtg. rounds and I had to be gone to school all day. The workers said they would like dinner at 5 so, I thought great I would put the baked beans in one crock pot and the pork roast in the other. When I get home at 4:30 all I will have to do it set the table and we will be ready to eat. Well, I got home and thought that's odd I don't smell anything cooking. I checked and I had forgotten to plug both of them in..So, needless to say after that meat had set out like that all day I couldn't use it..So, we ended up running to the store got some things to put on the grill and we had dinner at 7:30 instead..I was so upset..

Wrena said...

You pulled that off well! Thanks for the idea, & thought if I am ever in that boat!
I love your layout! Where did you find it. Been looking for one myself but the most of them delete all the goodies on the side - Thanks for leting me lurk! I found my way by o lets see.... through some of our MT friends..... I am in UT now.