Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring is here!!! :)

It seems like Spring is here to stay. Everything is coming into bloom and it is starting to get a little greener around here. We have enjoyed some 80 degree weather this week for a few days in a row. I won't complain.

The girls have spring break next week so were are off to England for the week. We are going over to visit William and Julie. Brad has been friends with William since they were young. He was in our wedding and has visited us several times. So we owe them a trip over there. The girls are now at an age that we can enjoy going over and sight seeing. Brad and I have been over once before kids. The girls are looking forward to seeing a castle and hopefully London. We will be in the Northern part, near Manchester. The day before we come back we will get a day at convention over there. We are looking forward to our trip and we will post pictures when we get back. Have a great week!!!


Farmer's Wife said...

Yeah for Spring! And have a WONDERFUL trip to England with friends, sightseeing and convention! We will look forward to your pictures!

Mommabelle said...

Hope y'all have a wonderful trip!