Thursday, April 10, 2008

Look who lost her 1st tooth!

I got this post all turned around!!! I can't fix it!!!

Ava is so excited to have lost her first tooth. She lost it at school so she was beaming when I picked her up from school. At school they get this cool little tooth box to keep their tooth in and she has been wanting one all year! She didn't believe in the tooth fairy because of Ellie. She asked me if there was a tooth fairy and I said that if she wanted a visit from the tooth fairy then she had to believe in her. Well, she is all about the tooth fairy now, but she wouldn't give up her tooth and she lost it. Now she has written a note to the tooth fairy to put under her pillow tonight.

"Dear tooth fairy. I lost my tooth. I want you to get my ??? Ava to you" I don't know exactly what she is saying but I think she is trying to give her something in exchange for her tooth. She asked me this morning if a pencil would be to big for the tooth fairy. She also wants the tooth fairy to draw a picture of herself and leave a real magic wand. We will see how all of this goes. Maybe, she is just testing ME!


Ray, Karen and Family said...

This is hilarious! Reminds me of Emily's notes, which are often a test to decipher. Let us know how the tooth fairy comes through! hehe

Mommabelle said...

Isabelle ended up losing her first tooth as well!
Very cute!

Life in Midlothian said...

What fun!! What did the tooth fairy leave you?

Mommabelle said...

Did the toothfairy come?