Saturday, March 22, 2008


I have soooo many projects that I would like to get done around here. Most of them closets and cabinets cleaned out. I have so much STUFF that I don't use and it is just wasting space. We will see what I am able to clean out!:) I don't really like extra things hanging around. I am pretty good at pitching! So that is the plan for today.:) Just maybe we can put the deck furniture back out!

Unrelated: We were given tickets to see the Celtic Women last night and took the girls. They really loved seeing the show. Ellie said "I thought it might be boring but I really liked all the fog", she enjoyed the stage displays. Brad and I got to go last year so it was neat to see the girls enjoy them performing.

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Mommabelle said...

How much did you get done? Too bad we can't team up and help each other out!