Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I got all of my Ga post up!!!! We have been busy and not home for very long. We got home last Thur. night and Fri. morning headed to NY for an indoor water park. This was our second year going to the water park and everyone had tons of fun. My girls will tell you that I was a wimp. It was just to cold walking around in a wet bathing suit. Of course, they weren't cold as they had blue lips!!:) I do think it was warmer last year. Last year we had sun shining thorough the windows but this year it was snowing!!! We met up with six other families and enjoyed our time together as always! Thanks to Sandy for organizing the weekend! I will post pictures later as I have TONS to do today and have spent WAY to much time on the computer this morning. You can see some pictures on Jody and Shelly's blogs.--Have a great Day!!!!

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