Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Weekend....

We had a great fall fun weekend. Friends from NY and Conn. come up for the weekend. Friday night was supper at the deGroots and Sat. was back to the deGroots for brunch, lunch, and fun activities. Then we all went to the barn for a Halloween party. Lots and lots of great costumes, a haunted house, hayride, fireworks, and great food. A fun time was had by all. Sunday we were all back here at our house for lunch and a small baby shower for Dave and Sandy. The dads took the kids for a nice walk in the woods. Everyone was exausted by Sunday but we look forward to next year!!!

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Farmer's Wife said...

Hello from Montana! I found your blog through friends blogs and have enjoyed checking in now and then. I love the new look on your blog and the music! We have listened to it several times. My kids like The Laughing Policeman too. Thanks for sharing.

We are at www.hugsfromus.blogspot.com Stop by anytime! Alison H