Monday, October 22, 2007

Crazy, Crazy day!

What a day!!!! It all started when I woke up late as in thirty minutes before Ellie is suppose to walk out the door. I had made cinnamon rolls the night before and was wanting to cook them for breakfast. So, I jumped out of the bed and started running down the stairs to turn the oven on. Well, on the stairs where a pair of shoes and I slipped and started bouncing down on my bottom. I did catch myself on the railing and got my breath. I turned the oven on and quickly ran upstairs and took a shower and raced back down to get the rolls in and back up I ran. Girls get up and get dressed we have got to go!!!! Girls, "I don't want to get ready, I want to relax first!" Ughhh! Of course this morning we were to take Brad to work!!! I call Jody to find out what time the bus comes to their house and I think we can make it. So we all get ready and the rolls are done just in time to run out the door and eat them in the car. We get Brad to work and Ellie on the bus! phew... Then it was getting Ava to school and meet Jody at the school to go and get paper goods at Sam's Club for the Fall weekend that we are hosting this coming weekend. We had to be back by 11:30 for my tennis class, so we went nice and early. We get to Sam's and they don't open until ten! So off to Old Navy to shop!:) We made it back to Sam's and had a successful trip. One positive of the day! I made it to class a little late but just in time for some good instructions and then all the problems, again!!!! We have a tennis match on Wednesday and I got the food arranged, the list all made, and everything organized. I come home to a message that the other team can't play this week. They want to reschedule. Off to the club I go to see what I can do and I am able to get a court time next week. I call the the other team to see if that would work for them. And I get the answer, "well, that is our practice time so I will have to see and will get back in touch with you tonight" I couldn't believe it!!! I am still waiting to hear from them as of ten thirty pm tonight! Mind you during all of this I have to call all of my teammates and check to see if the time frame works for them. All so crazy! I didn't really sign up for all of this non-sense. Back home I go to get Ellie and Breanna off the bus and I walk into the house and find that my oven has been on since this morning! A little scary. And I recieve a call from the school saying the Ellie and Breanna had been in the office about the bus dropping them off at Bonnie's. Well, I had told Ellie that but changed my mind without telling her and I guess the school also, called Bonnie. I did get them off at the regular bus stop and they weren't any to happy. Then it was off to the barn for Halloween decorating. A lot of work but well worth it all. I am glad that my day ended with satisfaction. Wish you could all join us this weekend but we will be posting pictures.


Dave and Shelly Howe said...

Holy Cow !!! You posting title says it all. I wish I was there to help you.

The Shippey's said...

Good grief, girl! Glad nothing happened on the way down the stairs! School mornings can be nuts.