Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ellie's interest these days are....

Politics....She is all into who is running for President and knowing everything about each one. I guess the girls got all excited last night to go and vote with dad. (I had ladies' night out) They informed Dad of who I would vote for and all about the candidate. So they were going to agree with me. Ellie is keeping me on my toes with details. I am learning a lot from her questions.

This morning... "Mom, Hilliary is a Southerner so don't you want to vote for her?"
"What is Huckabee's first name?" Actually, I don't know--I felt so silly.

Really, I don't talk about issues with them so I was so surprised when I overheard Ellie saying to Ava as they had been talking about possible presidential candidates "I want us to win the war so that we can keep our flag."

{{{{{ this is Brad inserting a comment: Ellie asked the other day why "nobody seems to like Hillary" when we were driving down the road. So I asked her if she did. She said, "I don't know. I haven't seen her or talked to her, so I can't say." I wish I could remember all the observations and things the girls have said about the candidates. }}}}}

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Michal said...

Isn't it interesting that we now have to stay on our toes to keep as smart as our children:-).
I am constantly getting question from Konlan when I have to stop and think for a minute. Good to know i am not the only parent out there like this.