Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cold, Cold, Cold!!!

Wow is it cold today! It is 20 degrees feels like 9 degrees. This morning I was trying to get a few things done outside but I just couldn't last to long. I have to say I decided to take a few short cuts. Brad is now outside blowing the leaves and he had to take a break b/c his hands are freezing with gloves on!!!! I guess I must get ready for the winter!:) The girls are all excited about the predicted snow we are to get on Monday. Actually I hope it is snow and not ice and rain. That's all for now! I am off to a little social event and Brad is going to a hockey game with the girls.

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Mommabelle said...

Freezing! We were just looking at the Lands End Kids catalogue and Isabelle wanted some type of outdoor snow boots. I told her we really didn't have any reason to buy them, but they sound good for up your way!