Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OK!!! So I have been a wall!!!

Posts will be coming soon! I just haven't sat down to download my pictures onto the computer. I have people asking for updates. I should and do have more time to post these days but I just don't take the time. I am enjoying my quiet days and I seem to keep myself busy with ???? I am always committing myself to something since I have time. Maybe, some day I will learn to say no but in all truth I enjoy doing whatever.

I have posted some new soup recipes on Ciao Down. I LOVE the Taco Soup and Veg. Soup is very good, also. And for the Crab Soup it is gourmet tasting! I got that recipe from Teresa a few years ago. It does take time to make it but you will enjoy the results.

Well, until my updates enjoy looking through the recipies---With Love, Shelley

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