Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Days!

*** We are all enjoying our school routine. It keeps everyone happy and busy. I have to say I do have more time on my hands now and no more excuses for anything. But it does help me feel a little bit more prepared for the girls.

*** The girls started piano yesterday. Ava loves it and is so interested in taking lessons. She will sit and play on her own a lot. Ellie has decided she doesn't like it and complained the entire way there "I don't like piano, it's hard". Well, at the lesson the teacher was talking about technique. (she needs to relax her arm/hand) and he said "some people say 'I don't like piano' and think it is hard...." She actually left piano enjoying her lesson. So hopefully she will get into it again.

*** Last weekend was nice and quite around here. Brad had to work and we (the girls and I) stayed around the house. On Sunday, we had the Timms and Kilgores for lunch and then the Timms stayed for the afternoon. So for supper we grilled and the Whites joined us. So nice to sit and visit.

*** This next weekend we have open house at Chappell Tractor. It is always fun and exciting to see all the people come to the store. Activities do attract a crowd. Hopefully, it won't rain. Looks good so far.

*** Next week Brad is away on business and I am going home for conv. The girls and I are excited. It's only my third time home for conv. since I got married. I look forward to seeing all the Ga. family and friends.

So the happenings here.


DSBRansom said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog & introducing yourself. That was a nice surprise. I've seen your blog too-must be coming from Shippey's blog. My husband is from MI so that's how he (and now I) know Karen.
You have a beautiful home & family. Your girls are adorable as well! I'll check in on you more often-blogging has been a great way to get to know people or even get to know them better. Some of these people we only see from a distance at convention!

Daniel and Cindy said...

We are really excited about seeing all of you at convention! Less than a week away!