Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We are in....

Georgia!!! The girls and I came to Ga last Friday. We were to fly down Friday night but while I was packing on Thur. I checked the weather and saw that we had a storm coming on Friday. The airlines were advising to change your flights. So I called the airlines and off to Boston we went on Thur. night. (that is packing my bag in ten mins.!:)) We didn't make the flight on Thurs. so we stayed at a hotel beside the airport and got a 6 am flight on Fri. morning. I think it was a good thing that we got out early!!:)

We have enjoyed our time here. Alison, Allie, and Aunt Jane, all from Tx, met us here for the weekend to celebrate birthdays. Alison's daughter Allie turned two on Fri, the three of us had a birthday on Sunday, and my dad's birthday will be next week. On Sat. we had a ball/potluck with mostly my second cousins that I grew up with. Nice to see everyone again.

Yesterday the girls and I went to the Atlanta Children's Museum with Will and Lauren. Now the the girls want to go back to the Coke Museum. Next time!!!

I will post pictures when I get back. I don't have my extras (cords) here with me. You can see some pictures on Mom's blog. (tony and becky)

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Mommabelle said...

Hope you have a nice trip home. Next time you come down we should plan for you to come over for lunch or something!