Monday, November 12, 2007

North Country....

This past weekend we went up North with the Howes. We love to go and always wish we could stay one more day. We meet up with the Howes, an hour out of camp, for supper.
Then we all headed into camp and we were all happy to see some snow. There was a little on the top of the hill but down in town there really wasn't any snow. We hung out, played games, and ate. The Howes are pros at crocano (sp?)! We then went riding around to see all the camps of people we know up there, rock skipping, and moose hunting. We saw two moose right off. The first was right on the road and just stood by the car and then further down the road we saw a HUGE moose. I think it was a bull moose. The biggest moose I have ever seen and I would say that it would be one of the biggest moose in the North country. Really exciting!!!! Then it was off to supper at Happy Corner and back to to camp for more games. Sunday we went down to meeting and out for lunch together. A wonderful spot that we plan to visit again. Then it was time to head home. A fun weekend and we hope to go back soon!

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Mimi/Susan said...

Snow! And we're brrrring with our 32 degrees in November! You can get a sunshine fix next week when you're home.