Friday, July 6, 2007

A day of fun!

We had one more day of fun with the Pococks. We started the day off having breakfast at Parkers Maple barn and then we went to play mini golf, go-carts, and batting cages. It was fun but HOT!!! The girls just can not handle the heat. Soooo they didn't make it through the mini golf course. They needed shade----MOM, I am soooo hot, I need a drink!!! That is my New England girls for you. I just thrive for the heat. I am not complaining I will save it for next March when it isn't warming up yet but I am ready for spring. We came home to grill out for supper and then the guys were going to play pick up soccor but it was canceled this week. A bummer for the guys, they were so looking forward to soccor. The girls got to go around the track with their scooters so they were happy. Anyway, the Pococks have left and now we get ready for a visit from my parents!

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